Having trained and worked as a dancer my body was full of ongoing injuries until I discovered yoga and problems that had plagued me for years, vanished! Through regular practice I began to discover how it was about so much more than just the physical elements and fell in love with the art of moving meditation. I went on to complete my 200hr teacher training with Lumi Power Yoga in London which is a Baptiste affiliate studio founded on the principles of Baptiste power yoga. After many years living in London and abroad I decided it was time to return to my roots and am now teaching group and private yoga classes around Exmouth, Exeter and the South Devon area.

In my classes I like to promote the attitude of movement for health vs achievement, helping my students move their bodies and minds in the direction of whole body, holistic healing. I aim to make my classes a space where everybody, no matter their age, background, ability or flexibility can let go and connect with their bodies in a safe, encouraging and supportive environment. If you can breathe, you can yoga!

“yoga is a practice, not of building but of uncovering.”

Baron Baptiste

Power vinyasa flow

Based on the pillars of Baptiste yoga, a style created by Baron Baptiste which mixes classical yoga styles with the slightly more intense foundations of aerobic and martial arts training. Power vinyasa flow builds heat to release toxins, creates mental clarity, links breath with movement and takes you on a journey of sun salutations, twists, balances, standing postures, core work, heart and hip openers and of course, deep relaxation. These classes are accessible for everyone regardless of age, physical ability or flexibility.


Keeping my classes based on the foundations of Baron Baptiste I also offer basics and slow flow classes.

Basics breaks down all the main components of a vinyasa flow class, really going in to detail about alignment making sure you are practicing safely and with integrity. This class is suitable for new yogis looking to get a better understanding of the foundations in a slightly slower and more detailed class and for experienced yogis looking to expand their knowledge and have a refresh of the core elements of the practice.

Slow flow

Slow flow works off of similar principles, warming the body from some less intense flows and gentle twists but with a larger focus on opening and releasing through the body in a restful and restorative manner. Ideal for those wanting a gentler, more meditative approach to their yoga practice.